Anika-Aduesa Smart
Anika-Aduesa Smart
Director, Systems Projects (GIS)
LA Metro

Anika is on a mission to further integrate spatial enablement into public transit. She advocates for changing the perception of GIS (Geographic information Systems) from “just maps” to powerful analytic and solutions delivering better decisions for rail and bus systems.

Transit’s business begins with a question of "where", and naturally leads to "how". With this and stakeholder success as core values, she unlocks the potential between technology and people; data, analytics and visualization metrics must achieve business objectives. At LA Metro, she recently created the OneMAP Program, a modern, pragmatic system that better integrates GIS with agency projects and activities. GIS is now delivering opportunities to enhance and optimize workflows across business units. Her leadership and her team’s innovative use of GIS across multiple departments earned the agency a prestigious SAG Award from Esri this year.

Anika has spent her prior years of public service working on similar project objectives. Throughout her career, she has focused on saving agencies time and money and gaining efficiencies through enhancing and integrating GIS with other systems and data. In addition to her degree in Mathematics and Statistics, and background in natural science and geography, she is G-Pro certified and a certified Envision instructor. She has leveraged her knowledge, balanced expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking in planning, operations, safety, engineering, national security and emergency management environments.

Anika loves sports, and in her spare time enjoys observing hummingbirds, gardening and exploring landforms.